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Dori Tunnel Hub 2

Dori Tunnel Hub 2 area map from Digimon World: Next Order

Quick Facts

Name Dori Tunnel Hub 2
Zone Ohguino Wastelands

Items found in Dori Tunnel Hub 2

Icon Name Category Description
Green Digistalk digimon world: next order item icon Green Digistalk Wild Mushroom Digistalk subspecies with a fresh taste.

Materials found in Dori Tunnel Hub 2

Icon Material Type
DigiLatex material icon DigiLatex Liquid
DigiIonwater material icon DigiIonwater Liquid
DigiCopper material icon DigiCopper Metal
DigiIron material icon DigiIron Metal
DigiSilver material icon DigiSilver Metal
DigiGold material icon DigiGold Metal
DigiWhiteGold material icon DigiWhiteGold Metal