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Garbage Pile's inhabitants

BomberNanimon digimon world: next order field guide iconBomberNanimonExplodes and tasks you with retrieving his body parts.-

Digimon found in Garbage Pile

IconNameLevelStageAttributeNatureTimeDay / WeekFarmable
Hackmon field guide iconHackmon22RookieDataHand-to-Hand00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B-
Birdramon field guide iconBirdramon13ChampionVaccineFire00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B
Turuiemon field guide iconTuruiemon23ChampionDataHand-to-Hand00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B-
BomberNanimon field guide iconBomberNanimon12ChampionVirusFire00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B

Items found in Garbage Pile

Baby Strawberry digimon world: next order item iconBaby StrawberryFruitHeavy wild strawberry with a lot of bulk.
Cloudy Orange digimon world: next order item iconCloudy OrangeFruitOrange with a dragon's spirit that energizes.
Unlucky Shroom digimon world: next order item iconUnlucky ShroomWild MushroomA potentially very dangerous mushroom.
Coriander digimon world: next order item iconCorianderWild MushroomA bright red plant that has a very unique taste.
Scratchy Grass digimon world: next order item iconScratchy GrassWild MushroomYucky plant that looks like a weed.
Az Nut digimon world: next order item iconAz NutNutVery similar to round red beans.
Cobb Fruit digimon world: next order item iconCobb FruitNutHas a seaweed taste and used as flavoring.

Materials found in Garbage Pile

DigiStone material iconDigiStoneStone
DigiRock material iconDigiRockStone
DigiLight material iconDigiLightStone