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Digimon found in Server Cemetery

IconNameLevelStageAttributeNatureTimeDay / WeekFarmable
Gotsumon field guide iconGotsumon6RookieDataNature00:00 - 15:59Mon - Sun / A - B
Shamamon field guide iconShamamon8RookieVirusDark16:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B
Togemon field guide iconTogemon5ChampionDataNature00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B-
Geremon field guide iconGeremon7ChampionVirusFilth00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B
Leopardmon field guide iconLeopardmon50MegaDataHand-to-Hand00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B-

Items found in Server Cemetery

Celestial Chestnut digimon world: next order item iconCelestial ChestnutFruitA very sweet chestnut that focuses the eater.
Orange Banana digimon world: next order item iconOrange BananaFruitA nutrious banana that will make you happy.
Scratchy Grass digimon world: next order item iconScratchy GrassWild MushroomYucky plant that looks like a weed.
Oily Fruit digimon world: next order item iconOily FruitNutA useful nut with oil inside it.
BomberNanimon Right Arm digimon world: next order item iconBomberNanimon Right ArmQuestBomberNanimon's right arm.

Materials found in Server Cemetery

DigiDeepwater material iconDigiDeepwaterLiquid
DigiIonwater material iconDigiIonwaterLiquid
DigiIron material iconDigiIronMetal
DigiSand material iconDigiSandStone
DigiLight material iconDigiLightStone
DigiPalm material iconDigiPalmWood
DigiFirewood material iconDigiFirewoodWood