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Digimon found in To Hallowed Hall

IconNameLevelStageAttributeNatureTimeDay / WeekFarmable
Gotsumon field guide iconGotsumon7RookieDataNature00:00 - 15:59Mon - Sun / A - B
Nanimon field guide iconNanimon14ChampionVirusFilth00:00 - 24:00Tue / A, Sun
Garurumon (Black) field guide iconGarurumon (Black)7ChampionVirusHand-to-Hand00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B
Geremon field guide iconGeremon8ChampionVirusFilth16:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B
GranKuwagamon field guide iconGranKuwagamon34MegaVirusNature00:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - B-

Items found in To Hallowed Hall

Orange Banana digimon world: next order item iconOrange BananaFruitA nutrious banana that will make you happy.
Scratchy Grass digimon world: next order item iconScratchy GrassWild MushroomYucky plant that looks like a weed.
Oily Fruit digimon world: next order item iconOily FruitNutA useful nut with oil inside it.

Materials found in To Hallowed Hall

DigiIron material iconDigiIronMetal
DigiGold material iconDigiGoldMetal
DigiWhiteGold material iconDigiWhiteGoldMetal
DigiSand material iconDigiSandStone
DigiLight material iconDigiLightStone
DigiOnyx material iconDigiOnyxStone