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Dimension T - Memory 7

Dimension T - Memory 7 area map from Digimon World: Next Order

Quick Facts

NameDimension T - Memory 7
ZoneDimension T

Magnamon field guide iconMagnamonGifts 1.000 Luck Coins.
Samudramon field guide iconSamudramonIncreases the Tamer experience by 2.000. If already maxed out, awards 1.000 Luck Coins.
Crusadermon field guide iconCrusadermonSteals 60 seconds, but increases your partners' life expectancy slightly.
Examon field guide iconExamonRestores 120 seconds, but steals 10.000 Bits.
Gankoomon field guide iconGankoomonIncreases your partners' Bond, Digifriend and Mood by 20.
Kentaurosmon field guide iconKentaurosmonGifts one of each Mini Chip.
Craniamon field guide iconCraniamonIncreases HP by 500 and STA by 50.
Leopardmon field guide iconLeopardmonGifts 30.000 Bits.
Dynasmon field guide iconDynasmonIncreases STR and WIS by 50.
Alphamon field guide iconAlphamonRestores 60 seconds.
Jesmon field guide iconJesmonRestores a random amount of time.
Omegamon field guide iconOmegamonBoosts HP & MP by 200, and STR, STA, WIS, and SPD by 20.
Imperialdramon FM field guide iconImperialdramon FMRaises your partners' life expectancy slightly.
Susanoomon field guide iconSusanoomonMaxes out your partners' mood.
Shinegreymon BM field guide iconShinegreymon BMGifts rare materials.
Chaosmon field guide iconChaosmonGifts a random Chip.