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All areas in Digimon World: Next Order

digimon world: next order world map

This section has a wealth of information on all the different areas and biomes in Digimon World: Next Order. The main page contains an overview of every single area and its corresponding zone as well as a big world map. Click an area's name to see a detailed page with general information about the subarea, tables with Digimon spawns, material search points, and more!

Nigh Plains-
Vast PlateauNigh Plains
Power Plant #2Nigh Plains
Old CablewayNigh Plains
Power Plant #1Nigh Plains
Forest PathNigh Plains
Cave EntranceNigh Plains
Ruins LakeNigh Plains
Server Desert-
Noise StormServer Desert
To Hallowed HallServer Desert
Server CemeteryServer Desert
StepstepServer Desert
Dead End TownServer Desert
Tower RoadServer Desert
Bus TerminalServer Desert
Server TowerServer Desert
Server Tower InteriorServer Desert
Logic Volcano-
Fire WallLogic Volcano
Fire CircuitLogic Volcano
Dragon's TridentLogic Volcano
GatewayLogic Volcano
Taomon's Medit. PlaceLogic Volcano
Flame LandsLogic Volcano
Garbage PileLogic Volcano
Hidden Red HouseLogic Volcano
Ohguino Wastelands-
Guts WastesOhguino Wastelands
Secret GraveyardOhguino Wastelands
Dori Tunnel Hub 1Ohguino Wastelands
Dori Tunnel Hub 2Ohguino Wastelands
Palace of ThornsOhguino Wastelands
Generator Prison RoomOhguino Wastelands
Rose PalaceOhguino Wastelands
Rosemon's RoomOhguino Wastelands
Bony Resort-
Bony DriveBony Resort
Celeb Red RoomBony Resort
Celeb Green RoomBony Resort
Celeb Blue RoomBony Resort
Pink Stone HouseBony Resort
Pink Stone House Int.Bony Resort
CorpsewayBony Resort
GraveyardBony Resort
Night ChurchBony Resort
Faulty Ex Machina-
West CoastFaulty Ex Machina
Greenery IslandFaulty Ex Machina
Flowerbed IslandFaulty Ex Machina
Pathfork IslandFaulty Ex Machina
Boulder IslandFaulty Ex Machina
North CoastFaulty Ex Machina
Drainage PathFaulty Ex Machina
KingSukamon's ChamberFaulty Ex Machina
Control IslandFaulty Ex Machina
Control RoomFaulty Ex Machina
East CoastFaulty Ex Machina
Absolute Zero-
Freeze WayAbsolute Zero
Frost CathedralAbsolute Zero
Ice Sculpture RoomAbsolute Zero
Concealed GorgeAbsolute Zero
Icy HallAbsolute Zero
Frozen DividerAbsolute Zero
Frozen WayAbsolute Zero
Icy Way TempleAbsolute Zero
Eternal GlacierAbsolute Zero
Infinite Cauldron-
Layer 01Infinite Cauldron
Layer 02Infinite Cauldron
Layer 03Infinite Cauldron
Layer 04Infinite Cauldron
Layer 05Infinite Cauldron
Layer 06Infinite Cauldron
Core 02Infinite Cauldron
Core 01Infinite Cauldron
Core 00Infinite Cauldron
MOD Cape-
Inlet CapeMOD Cape
MOD Ship 1.0MOD Cape
MOD Ship 2.0MOD Cape
Ship 2.0 CabinMOD Cape
MOD Ship 3.0MOD Cape
Ship 3.0 CabinMOD Cape
Captain's CabinMOD Cape
Flag MOD ShipMOD Cape
Dimension M-
Dimension M - Memory 1Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 2Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 3Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 4Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 5Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 6Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 7Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 8Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 9Dimension M
Dimension M - Memory 10Dimension M
Dimension G-
Dimension G - Memory 1Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 2Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 3Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 4Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 5Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 6Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 7Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 8Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 9Dimension G
Dimension G - Memory 10Dimension G
Dimension T-
Dimension T - Memory 1Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 2Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 3Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 4Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 5Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 6Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 7Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 8Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 9Dimension T
Dimension T - Memory 10Dimension T
Dimension P-
Dimension P - Memory 1Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 2Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 3Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 4Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 5Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 6Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 7Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 8Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 9Dimension P
Dimension P - Memory 10Dimension P
Dimension E-
Dimension E - Memory 1Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 2Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 3Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 4Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 5Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 6Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 7Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 8Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 9Dimension E
Dimension E - Memory 10Dimension E
Dimension Z-
Dimension Z - Memory 1Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 2Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 3Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 4Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 5Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 6Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 7Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 8Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 9Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 10Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 11Dimension Z
Dimension Z - Memory 12Dimension Z