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Digimon World 1 Wiki

digimon world game cover art
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
GenreRole-playing (RPG)
Release Date28 January, 1999
digimon world digimon chart


Digimon World contains 123 Digimon, of which 61 are raisable through Digivolution and training, while the rest is encounterable throughout File Island. All of them possess unique traits, battle techniques, and have individual care requirements. All of this, and much more, can be found in our Digimon subsection. Let's raise some Digimon!

digimon world item inventory


Digimon World laid the groundwork for subsequent Digimon games when it comes to difficulty, and items play a significant role as they often aid you in battle or increase your Digimon's capabilities. Therefore, knowing which items exist, their effects, and where to obtain them is crucial to master the challenges posed by this game. Let us check them out!

digimon world file island 3d virtual map


Digimon World's File Island is a masterfully crafted environment home to many different biomes, such as Freezeland, Misty Trees, and Trash Mountain. These biomes then again are inhabited by various Digimon, creating an alien ecosystem worth exploring. Our area's subsection will show you which Digimon occupies which parts of File Island, which items spawn in where, and much more. Let us explore this magical place!

digimon world detailed techniques overview


Every Digimon possesses a wide array of techniques it can utilize in battle, some of which are unique to each Digimon. In the beginning, your partner Digimon does not know a lot of these techniques. But as time goes on, you and your partner will grow and learn many of them. In our techniques subsection, you can discover much about these techniques and find out which Digimn possesses which move.

digimon world card collection


Collecting cards was THE THING back in the '90s, and obviously, Digimon World had to include this feature to some degree. But besides adding a BIT sink to the game, the cards possess a trading purpose unlocking valuable Digivolution items and an upgraded fishing rod. Check out Grindosaur's Digimon World card collection and compare it with your own!