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The Tale of the Mural Chapter 5

Quick facts

NameThe Tale of the Mural Chapter 5
Found throughScanning
LocationInner Shrine

The Tale of the Mural Chapter 5 found in

You can find the fifth and last chapter of the "The Tale of the Mural" memory during Part 12 after selecting the Wrathful route in Part 8. Scan the first room of the Inner Shrine for an anomaly, and if you have collected all the previous chapters, enjoy the now unlocked Celestial Blade skill-equipment!

The Tale of the Mural Chapter 5's text

“Damn it! So what if the world is ending? I need to finish these murals! I just need to do the coloring, but that’s the part that takes the longest!”

How much time do I have before the world ends? How much more can I paint?

“Hey, Boss! Something’s on the floor beneath us, and I don’t like it!”

“What the—?! Fog?!”

“Boss, no! Don’t touch it! I don’t know what it is, but it’s dangerous!”

“The fog’s rising in here, and the world’s ending outside. Hah, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place! How am I supposed to work like this?”

“Should we run, Boss?”

“There’s nowhere to run to. Besides, if I’m going to die, I want to finish these murals. That way part of me will live on.

“...These murals are done. Let’s head up, Buddy.”

And so we climbed to the shrine’s upper level.

“We don’t know when that fog will get us, Boss. You can’t just take your time!”

“I know that! I’ll paint as fast as I can! But this mural is missing something. The worlds were divided, and the four great beasts subdued the chaos among monsters... But what about the humans? I need to add them!”

“There’s no time for that! The fog is going to—”

“Shut up! I’m not leaving behind a half-finished legacy!

“There, done! Perfectly colored too. I’m the best! Now for the next one.”

“Boss, the fog is starting to move faster!”

“So before long it’s going to fill the whole shrine? Fine, bring it on!” I’d left these murals mostly unfinished, but now we’ll see how fast I can work.

“Oh no! The fog’s starting to pour in!”

“Damn it, it’s getting hard to see. This mural is...the worlds divided, but with the door between them still in place.” *cough* *gasp*

“Boss?! Did you breathe in the fog? Maybe you should rest—”

“I’m fine! I need to finish! This is the end, right? Let me finish what I started.”


“The door...I don’t know what it looks like, so I’ll just have to make it up. What about the two worlds? What must it have been like for the creatures living in them?

“There, that’s it! Now for the people and monsters manipulated by the door!

“Okay, how’s that?”

“It’s incredible, Boss! Really striking!”

“Heheh, of course it is! I painted it!” *hack* *cough*

“Ugh, I’ve breathed in too much fog. It’s getting pretty thick in here.

*gasp* *pant* “ more. Let’s...go...”

It took all my strength to climb up to the top floor of the shrine.

“That’s...funny. I can’t...lift my arm...”

“Boss...let me help.”

“Couldn’t ask...for more, Buddy. Now...that color goes... Yeah, you got it.

Heheh, this is...great. I can just...take it easy...”

It took some time, but we finished painting the mural.

“I’m done painting, Boss. This is...incredible. You really are the best. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

“Hey, why don’t we go back down and look at them all in order? I’m sure I’ll be moved to tears!”

“Hey, Boss! Boss! Did you hear me? *sob* Wake up, please! We have to go see...all the great murals we painted together! Please, Boss! Please, wake up!”