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The Tale of the Mural Chapter 4

Quick facts

NameThe Tale of the Mural Chapter 4
Found throughScanning

The Tale of the Mural Chapter 4 found in

You can find the fourth chapter of the "The Tale of the Mural" memory during Part 11 after selecting the Wrathful route in Part 8. Simply scan for an anomaly in the Cafeteria, and you should see it!

The Tale of the Mural Chapter 4's text

After hearing about this world’s creation from that old- timer, part of me was ready to start painting, but another part wanted to hear more.

After all, that spirit didn’t know everything, and while my buddy said the ancient monsters were disappearing, there had to be more he didn’t know.

“Excuse me. Might I speak with you two?”

Someone had turned up while my buddy and I were in the shrine.

“Oh, you must be...

“Boss, you’re in luck! It’s another ancient monster!

“This is amazing! I’ve never met you before!”

“Yes, I heard about you from a mutual friend. Said I should speak with the human boy.”

This was such a stroke of luck, I couldn’t help dancing with joy.

“That’s great! Perfect timing! I was just thinking how I’d love to hear more stories!”

Thrilled, I led the old monster into the shrine.

“Ah, so these are what you call paintings. Impressive.”

“Oh, but this scene could stand to be more impactful. It’s depicting the moment of the world’s creation, after all.”

“Oh, so you think it should be even grander?”

“Yes, and this one here... How can I put this? The link between humans and monsters is lacking.

“Once, you know, humans and monsters shared the same soul. It was a world of harmony.”

“Shared souls... A world of harmony... Yes, I’ll have to start over.”

More ancient monsters who’d heard about my work kept showing up. Listening to their tales of how the world used to be improved my art.

It also made me sad that they were now facing extinction. If all their memories, everything they’d lived was going to disappear, I wanted to at least capture some of that in my art.

“Hm...this color’s a little off.”

“Hey Boss, you sure you want to leave the art upstairs unfinished?”

“Yes, I want to preserve the flow of the story. The order is important.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I’m excited to see it when it’s done.”

“It’s not striking enough, but I can’t change the composition. Should I add lines? What if I painted over this?”

“Just don’t take too long, Boss, or you won’t make it in time.”

Several days went by as I lost myself in painting.

“Hmm... Hmm... Yes. I’ve captured the impression I got from hearing all those stories. I don’t think I need to add anything more.”

How long has it been since I started these murals? I’d gotten so absorbed in my work I’d lost all sense of time, and now I needed a break.

When I went back to the entrance of the shrine, my buddy was standing there stunned.

“Hey Buddy! Let’s take a break. What’re you doing just standing there?”

“Boss, I think we’re out of time.”

“What happened to the exit? Why’s it just a wall now?”

“That’s all that’s left. The doorway’s been sealed and this world is about to end. Who knows what’s happening out there?”


“Boss? Where are you going?! You’re heading back inside?!”

“That’s right! I haven’t finished my murals, and if we can’t leave, all that’s left for me to do is paint!”