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The Tale of the Mural Chapter 1

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NameThe Tale of the Mural Chapter 1
Found throughScanning

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You can find the first chapter of the "The Tale of the Mural" memory in Part 2. Simply scan for an anomaly at the Shrine, and you should see it!

The Tale of the Mural Chapter 1's text

I forget how long it’s been since the emissary of the shogun told me,

“You are hereby ordered to complete the murals for the new shrine. The shogun himself chose you for this task after hearing of your great skill. Give this your best efforts.”

I happily accepted the commission, of course, responding with a, “Sir! It is an honor!”

Now here I am, thrilled as I walk up to the entrance of the shrine.

Finally, I thought, my talents are appreciated! Personally chosen by the shogun to create the centerpiece for a new shrine! I’m sure to be seen as Hinomoto’s chief artist! The thought was enough to make me laugh.

“What’s so funny, you stupid painter? Have you no respect for this shrine?”

Who was this kid? Probably just some brat.

“Oh, if it isn’t the head of the shogun’s personal guard. I’m honored.”

“Very funny. You’re the rising star. I heard the shogun personally chose you for something?”

“That’s right! I’ll be decorating the walls of a new shrine that’s going to be built here with my masterful murals! Mark my words, these works will be spoken of for generations, like the new reliquary hall at Kitayamatei.”

I was the picture of enthusiasm as I said this, but the boy didn’t seem impressed.

“You mean that hall covered in gold leaf? You think it’ll be spoken of for generations? If you ask me, something more subdued would—”

“Hey, got any ideas for the subjects of these murals?”

For all that I’d accepted this commission, I’d gotten so carried away I still had no idea what to paint.

“Thoroughly self-absorbed, I see.

“As for subjects, are you familiar with the local Kemonogami faith?”

“Nope. What’s a Kemonogami?”

“They say people once performed a ritual here that involved sending sacrifices to another world. Then powerful gods appeared from that other world. They called them the Kemonogami, and some people still worship them. A pretty typical local faith.”

“Hmm, the Kemonogami... I like the sound of that! Tell me more about these local gods, or point me to someone who can!”

“What a way to ask for help! Anyway, you should talk to the shrine maiden. Her job is to pass on the history of this place, so she knows more than anyone.”

“Great, thanks!”

So I went to meet with the shrine maiden. She heard me out with composure, then said, “So you would learn more about the Kemonogami faith.”

“Yeah, I got the gist earlier, but I was hoping you could tell me something more striking!”

“Heheh. You are the very definition of rudeness. How amusing.”

The story she told was long and rambling, but the events were fascinating. It was about a boy sacrifice and his older sister.

Long ago, when the world was in chaos, a group of children were sent to another world to save this one. There, in the world of the gods, they gained the power of Kemonogami, and brought peace to humanity, or something.

The shrine maiden spoke of this as a great achievement, but it sounded like pointless human sacrifice to me. What’s worse, one of those children was a boy sacrificed by his own sister.

Did the boy hate her for what she did? What was the girl thinking?

Anyway, after hearing the story, I got to work. I threw myself into painting the murals, my head full of what I’d heard from the shrine maiden and others.

I lost track of time completely, working until I got tired and decided to go out for a break.

I’d been in the dim light of the shrine for so long the sunlight stung my eyes.

Then, as my eyes adjusted, I grew completely astonished. However long I’d been in that shrine, I still remembered what it looked like outside.

“What is this? Where am I?!” I cried, staring out at an entirely different world.