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Spirited Away Chapter 5

Quick facts

NameSpirited Away Chapter 5
Found throughScanning
LocationUnder Shrine

Spirited Away Chapter 5 found in

You can find the fifth and last chapter of the "Spirited Away" memory during Part 11 after selecting the Moral route in Part 8. Scan the Under Shrine area for an anomaly, and if you have collected all the previous chapters, enjoy the now unlocked Extreme Burst skill-equipment!

Spirited Away Chapter 5's text

How much time has passed? The boy was long gone, I hadn’t caught hide or hair of him since.

I know all the spots he would usually go to, and yet... I still don’t sense him anywhere.

I’m worried... I’m scared. It’s lonely, being by myself. Did I rely on the boy so much?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we first met: a child so weak, so unwilling to trust. He wasn’t long for this world, I figured.

I was real happy! I mean, the strong protect the weak, right? So if I protect this kid, that means I’m strong!

Yeah, everyone will change their minds. If I get stronger, no one will make fun of me.

I didn’t care if the child trusted me or not. Or so I thought...

He was so down once he knew he couldn’t go back to his world.

Sometimes he’d wander off looking for something, eyes cast sadly to the ground.

It isn’t like he trusted me or anything. He just sat there all mopey, like nothing mattered.

My chest tightened when I saw him like that...

I would put on a blatant brave front—saying I could live here, all the while shivering when I was on my own. Looking at him, I finally realized... He’s just like me.

My brave front, my unwillingness to trust people; it was all to hide my own weakness.

I didn’t want anyone to hate me for how weak and pathetic I was.

When I realized that, I thought... I thought we could finally be real friends. So then why? Why did you run away?

“Come on, I’m begging you... Don’t leave me by my lonesome.”

As I ran around looking for him, a bizarre pain wracked my body.

“Ouch! Wha’, augh... GWAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!”

My body was so hot—wait, cold? At any rate, the discomfort frightens me...

One thing was for sure: I was about to disappear.

Boy, what a way to go. If things were gonna turn out like this, I should’ve... No, this couldn’t have gone any other way. Our connection was messed up from the start.

No trust, putting ourselves first. There’s no way we’d be friends.

Of course it’d end like this. Still, at least...

“Augh, rrrgh! At least... At least let that boy be safe! AH, UWAAAAAAAAAGH!”

Before things went totally dark, I thought I saw the child.

Facing an empty space in the same darkness as me, writhing around with a broken smile on his face.

Ghastly hands grasped his ankles; it looked as though he were being dragged down into a bottomless swamp.

This illusion shown too me at the very end left a vile taste in my mouth. He’s just like me...

“Honestly... What should I...have done?”