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Spirited Away Chapter 4

Quick facts

NameSpirited Away Chapter 4
Found throughScanning
LocationSpider Lily Forest

Spirited Away Chapter 4 found in

You can find the fourth chapter of the "Spirited Away" memory during Part 9 after selecting the Moral route in Part 8. Simply scan for an anomaly in the Spider Lily Forest, and you should see it!

Spirited Away Chapter 4's text

My time with the monster was peaceful once I’d decided to live in this world.

Unlike the days of resentment I had endured, my life in this world was free of strife.

“Hey, where do you want to go today?”

“Hmm, there’s nothing but cliffs around here, not a lot of spots to check out.

Oh, I know! If we go somewhere high up, we could see a long, long way, right?”

“Somewhere high up? In other words...”

“You know it! Let’s head to the mountaintop!”

So we traveled up to the summit, but from there it was nothing but tall cliffs around us, with only forest beyond.

“Welp, I guess there’s no one else around after all.”

“...You were looking for other humans?”

“I just thought, maybe there were others you didn’t know about. Guess I was wrong, though. I really am all alone—”

Then at the edge of my vision, I saw something unbelievable.

“Ah! But that’s...”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Look, to the south! It’s, it’s a city! I know that place... Yes, no doubt about it! That’s my old city!”


It was the city I’d lived in with my mama and papa. I was sure it’d been razed to the ground, but it was back!

“We have to go!”

“A city, he says... I don’t see anything like that?”

I made a mad dash for the city.

“Yes, I knew it! This is my city! Just the way it was!”

*huff* *huff*... “Hey, is there something here? I don’t see a thing!”

“Seriously? Get your eyes checked! See here, this is my house!”

“Um, all I see are rocks and cliffs. Hey, are you okay? Maybe we should go back and—”

“...Oh I get it. A monster’s a monster, after all. I bet you plan on spiriting me away.”

“How could you say such a thing? I wouldn’t do something like that!”

“Shut up, you freak! Get away from me! I’m going home, don’t get in my way!”

Just then, a voice near and dear to me echoed through my head.

“That voice...oh! Mama? Ha...ha ha ha! I knew it! It’s you, Mama! I’m so glad you’re all right!”

“Wait, hold on! Don’t go off by yourself!”

“Mama! Mama! I understand, I’ll come with you!”

“Just wait for me, please! I beg you!”

I tried to stop him, really I did. But he ran off without another thought.

*huff* *huff* “Oh no... I’ve totally lost sight of him...”