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Spirited Away Chapter 3

Quick facts

NameSpirited Away Chapter 3
Found throughScanning
LocationWoods near City

Spirited Away Chapter 3 found in

You can find the third chapter of the "Spirited Away" memory during Part 6 while exploring the Woods near City. Scan the area for an anomaly, and you are good to go!

Spirited Away Chapter 3's text

I met a strange monster while lost on the mountain, and together, we somehow made it back down.

Even so, what greeted me in the foothills was not the village I knew...

“Wha’-what? A cliff? There shouldn’t be one in a place like this. Did, did we come down the wrong side of the mountain? Ha, haha, that’s it, right?”

The monster regarded my confusion with a vacant stare of its own.

“Uhh, I’m not sure what the problem is. Hasn’t it always been like this around here?”

“B-but what about my village? Forget the village, just take me someplace with people!”

“Hey, just, just calm down, okay? There’s no village in these parts, and I’d NEVER seen a human before you!”

“...Come again?”

According to the monster, this area is teeming with creatures just like it. On rare occasions, humans will wander to this place.

Some of the monsters believe that human children have mysterious power, and kidnap them for it.

“But don’t worry! I’ll protect you. If a bad guy like that comes around, I’ll send them packing!”

“What, what are you talking about... Hahaha...”

In other words, this is another world. I really have been spirited away.

“So does that mean I’ll never go back to my own world?”

“Hey, don’t cry! It’ll be okay, I’m here for you!”

After that, I languished day after day; doing nothing, passing the time in a despondent daze.

The monster stayed at my side, giving me food and teaching me about this world.

It was pretty irritating at first, but perhaps it was the only reason I retained my sanity.

“Back where I come from, everyone treated me like a nuisance. I always...always lived with a bitter taste in my mouth.”

“So that’s how it was...”

“But this place is different. There’s plenty to eat, no one to resent...

And most of’re here.

I’m going to live here now. There’s nowhere for me to return to back home. I want to forget everything, and stay here with you.”

“...Okay. If that’s what you want. Let’s make it a happy life, then!”

“Hee hee, yeah, let’s do it!”

I’m going to live here. Me and the monster, together!