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Spirited Away Chapter 2

Quick facts

NameSpirited Away Chapter 2
Found throughScanning
LocationSpider Lily Forest

Spirited Away Chapter 2 found in

You can find the second chapter of the "Spirited Away" memory during Part 3 while exploring the Spider Lily Forest. Scan the area for an anomaly, and you are good to go!

Spirited Away Chapter 2's text

I’d somehow lost my way in the mountain while scrounging for food.

Traipsing through he woods, I was just about to give up when a queer creature appeared before me.

It clearly wasn’t human, from the looks of it. Yet it approached me, speaking my language.

“Wha...what are you, a demon?! Stay away from me!”

“Yipes! What’s your problem?! Stop throwing rocks at me!”

The demon pathetically defended itself from the stones I threw.

Upon closer inspection, it seems pretty weak. Maybe it isn’t a bad monster?

“ don’t want to eat me?”

“Eat you?! Perish the thought! I just wanna be your friend!”


If a monster suddenly showed up talking about being friends with you, anyone would get scared, wouldn’t they?

But the strange thing is, I trusted what it said almost immediately.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but one thing was clear: this creature was on my side.

“All right, sure. I... I want to be your friend, too.”

“Honest?! Yaaay, I’m so happy!”

“Say, um, sorry about throwing that stuff at you. Did I hurt you?”

“I’m pretty tough, no worries. Still, it’s nice to know you care, hee hee!”

“Shut up. You’ve got a mouth on you, for a monster.”

“Again with that ‘monster,’ ‘monster.’ You’ve got me pegged wrong, y’know?”

“Excuse me?”

“Hmph, don’t think I fully trust you yet. I’m calling it like I see it!”

“Oh boy... Well, what should I call you, anyway?”

“Me? My name is...”

Just like that, this strange monster joined me for a time.

Strange indeed, but...I didn’t mind. It was on my side, after all.

For now, I’ll head back to the village, show off my new friend, and prove to that lot who looked down on me just how wrong they are.

Heh, I’m sure all of them will be blown away! Ahh, I can hardly wait... That just means I have to get down this mountain that much faster.