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Spirited Away Chapter 1

Quick facts

NameSpirited Away Chapter 1
Found throughScanning
LocationWoods by Shrine

Spirited Away Chapter 1 found in

You can find the first chapter of the "Spirited Away" memory during Part 2. Simply scan for an anomaly in the Woods by Shrine location, and you should see it!

Spirited Away Chapter 1's text

I continued on through the woods.

What? Strange, the road should keep going past here.

Shoot, guess I’ll have to head back the way I—

But as I turn around...

Wait, what? How can this be?! The road I came down is gone...

This can’t be happening! Even if this is the shrine’s forbidden ground, it isn’t big enough to get lost in.

Damn, how could this happen to me? I was just looking for something to eat...

...Oh man. Okay. I just need to get down the mountain.

I’m okay, I’m okay. I can survive on my own!

There’s nothing to be scared of. Papa went to fight in the war. Mama was in the house when the air raids sent it up in flames.

With no one to turn to, I came out to this village in the sticks to be with relatives.

My grandparents were cold—cruel, even. Made me fend for myself.

Other adults, children, all the same: they treated an outsider like me with disgust.

Damn...damn their eyes! Why do they have to look at me like that?!

Papa fights for this land! Mama died protecting our home!

And me, I’m doing everything I can! I’ll get big and strong, become a soldier like my papa!

So why...why do you treat me like a burden?

A shrine lay at the end of my desperate advance.

I’d always climbed the mountain on my own. I had nowhere else to go, and hunger clawed at me.

The abundance of wild vegetables meant I never lacked sustenance. And even better, no one was around to bother me.

The people of the village always said that coming in here would get you spirited away, but that’s just an old wives’ tale.

Fine by me! What do they know?! I’ll live on my own from now on!

I passed through the shrine, and into the woods beyond...

And here I’d tried to spur myself on, yet...I can’t find a path, no matter how far I go.

For heaven’s I going to die?

Without helping my country? With everyone treating me as a burden?

Damn, I can’t take it. I don’t want to die...

Papa, Mama...

Hmm? What’s that curious sound? I turned at the sound of it.

“Wh-who’s there?!”

“...Huhhh? Say, are of those human children?”

“...Um, what?”

The blazes? What is this strange beast?

“Are...are you a demon?”