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All in the Seasoning Chapter 4

Quick facts

NameAll in the Seasoning Chapter 4
Found throughScanning
LocationWoods by Library

All in the Seasoning Chapter 4 found in

You can find the fourth chapter of the "All in the Seasoning" memory during Part 11 after selecting the Harmony route in Part 8. Simply scan for an anomaly in the Woods by Library, and you should see it!

All in the Seasoning Chapter 4's text

That white rock I always spied around here—this “salt” she spoke of—turned out to be an amazing discovery.

“Right! Try this, your holiness.”

“You drizzled white rock shavings on the fish? Don’t know what difference it’ll make, but...” *chomp*

“Wha-wha-whaaaaat?! It’s delicious! Delectable! DELIGHTFUL!”

“Heheh, pretty good, ain’t it? Salt’s just the thing for grilled fish.”

“What is this?! What’s going on here?! It’s just some briny rock, and yet...”

“We call this ‘cooking’ where I come from. Mother said it’s what you do to good food to make it even tastier. She said she won father’s heart with this.”

“Well, now... Can’t say I get it, but this is something else.”

“You like it, your holiness? Would you like some more?”

“There’s more? Then sure, by all means!”

“You got it!” Then she started a fire, boiled some water, and set to chopping, stabbing, crushing, and mixing things. I didn’t understand most of it, but it was like she was almost creating the food.

Some things she cooked differently, but the food was all pretty, especially portioned out on plates. Finally she said, “All done! I made you grilled fish with boiled vegetables.”

“So, this is cooking...”

“I made plenty for everyone too! You gods can all have as much as you like!”

I realized the others had gathered to watch from afar, and when the girl said this, they all came forward to enjoy her “cooking.”

I can’t even describe what that first bite tasted like. It was so good, I thought I could never get enough of it.

“Heheh, do you like it, my god?”

“Oh, I do... I really, really do!”

"value":"“I hoped you would. You’ve done so much for me, and I haven’t had any way to repay you. I’m so glad you like my cooking.”

“D-don’t say that! never had to repay me for anything...” *sniff*

“God? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I...I’m not crying! Don’t be ridiculous!” *sniff* *sob*

“Well, if you say so.

It’s too bad, though. I wish I could’ve cooked a meal like this for Mom and Dad and everyone in my village.”

So she is homesick. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. If there was some way I could send her back, I would, but nobody knows how to do something like that.

“Hm? God? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no, nothing. Do you think you could cook for me again sometime?”

“Of course! I’ll cook for you all you want! Why don’t we try making something together next time?”

“Ahaha! Good idea! That sounds fun!”