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All in the Seasoning Chapter 3

Quick facts

NameAll in the Seasoning Chapter 3
Found throughScanning
LocationRuined Apartment

All in the Seasoning Chapter 3 found in

You can find the third chapter of the "All in the Seasoning" memory during Part 6 while exploring the Ruined Apartment. Scan the area for an anomaly, and you are good to go!

All in the Seasoning Chapter 3's text

I learned that humans have things they can and can’t eat.

Seeing as how this child couldn’t eat her fill back in her world, I wanted to give her the chance to do so if I can.

And so, I set off with the girl to look for food even humans could eat.

“Oh, I found something good. Here, try this!”

“Huh? What’s this, your holiness? It’s green, and round... A vegetable, maybe? Never seen this before...”

“Here, first you... Mmph! Split it like this, then eat it. Ooo, this one’s nice and ripe. Here, try a bite.”

*chomp* *chomp* “Bleaugh! So nasty...”

“Really?! It’s no good?”

“Yuck, so tongue’s on fire. So gross!

“You think? I can’t get enough of this flavor. Okay, onto the next one! How about this?”

“Hmm? This thin orange thing? I think I’ve seen it before... You can make some rare medicine out of it.”

“Is that right? We just up and eat it. Here, like this...” *munch* *crunch*... “Mmm, this chewiness, the faint bitterness. So good!”

“Huh! Okay, down the hatch!” *chomp* “Um...your holiness? It’s sooo bitter...”

“Oh dear, I guess it doesn’t suit you. Just spit it out!”

*peh!* “Ugh... My mouth’s all itchy... Hey, there’s no poison in this, is there?”

“Ah! I see, some of the stuff we eat might be poisonous to you humans...”

I’m just glad none of what she ate had a bad effect on her. If we’re not careful, we might put her life in danger.

“I’m sorry, your holiness... You’re trying so hard to get food for me, and I—”

“Don’t sweat it! If I learn what you can and can’t eat, that way I won’t feed you something bad by accident.”

“Wow, you gods sure are a generous bunch! Oh hey, the leafy parts aren’t bitter.” *chomp* *chomp*... “Mmm, pretty sweet, actually!”

We don’t eat that part.. Still, if this child likes it, I’ll feed her all the leaves she wants.

“Hmm? Hey your holiness, what’s that over there?”

The girl sets eyes on the most dangerous thing we know.

“Hold on! Can’t you see the fog over there? It’s really dangerous.”

“The fog? What’s so dangerous about it?”

“Well if you touch it, it’ll mess with your head. They say you get swallowed up by the fog, never to return...”

I’d never actually seen this fate befall anyone; still, if it’s even possible, I can’t put this child in harm’s way.

“If you say so, I’ll be careful your holiness! All right,

what’re that white stone over there?”

“Oh, those are just brackish rocks. They don’t fill your belly, or provide any nutrition. Totally useless.”

“I think I’ve seen it before! Just a second!”

“Ah, hey! Don’t go off on your own!”

*lick*... “I knew it! This is salt!”


“We don’t make it in my village, but it adds flavor to anything!”

I’d never seen such an excited look on her face before. Somehow, just looking at it got me excited as well.