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All in the Seasoning Chapter 2

Quick facts

NameAll in the Seasoning Chapter 2
Found throughScanning
LocationCentral Plaza

All in the Seasoning Chapter 2 found in

While exploring the Central Plaza, you can find the second chapter of the "All in the Seasoning" memory during Part 4. Scan the area for an anomaly, and you are good to go!

All in the Seasoning Chapter 2's text

The girl I’d saved set about entreating me.

“Hey, you’re a god, ain’t you? Save my village, you’ve just gotta!”

“How many times do I have to tell you?! I’m not a god or anything!”

Saving a human child on the verge of death had gotten it treating me like some deity.

I don’t exactly hate the idea, do I put it... It gives me the heebie jeebies!

“Oh puh-LEASE, your holiness! Save us, I’m begging you!”

As the girl pleaded with me, she wobbled on the spot, her stomach growling.


“Ah, hey! Pull yourself together! It’s food! You need food, right?!”

“Ugh... I wanna eat until my stomach bursts.”

This is bad, I’ve got to do something! I may regret it, but...what choice did I have?

I had to do something.

“Hey, wake up. I made some food!”

“Ooh... Wha’-what? Something smells delicious!”

I brought the child to my den. Not just my den—a bunch of my friends live here, too.

None of us are very strong, so we don’t usually let outsiders in... Still, this child shouldn’t be a problem.

“These are my buddies. All of us whipped up some food for you.”

“Wooow, look at all of them... I knew it, this is the land of the gods...”

“I told you, I’m not... Ahh, forget it. Here, blessings from the gods. Eat up, short stuff.”

“Yessir! Thank you very much, your holiness!”

The child reached for a roasted fish, pinched it around the middle, and popped the whole thing into her mouth.

*munch* *munch*... *gulp!* “MMMM, DELICIOUS! I’ve never had anything so tasty in my life!”

“Ahaha, you don’t say! That baby’s pretty hard to find, you know! Here, try something else!”

“Okay! Hmm, how about this mushroom, then... Wait, what? Is this a mushroom? There’s rocks on it.”

“Oh, you can’t eat those? Then eat around the hard parts.”

“Okay, let’s see...” *chomp* *chomp* *gulp* “Oh wow, this is great, too!”

“Whew... Glad you like it!”

From the looks of it, humans like this girl can’t stomach everything we can. What a shame. The minerals on these mushrooms taste so good...

“Thank you, my god! This is the first time my belly’s ever been so full!”

“Is that right? Glad to hear it.”

We’re different beasts, to be sure... Still, I could feel it: the desire to protect her smile.