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All in the Seasoning Chapter 1

Quick facts

NameAll in the Seasoning Chapter 1
Found throughScanning
LocationInner Shrine Ent.

All in the Seasoning Chapter 1 found in

You can find the first chapter of the "All in the Seasoning" memory during Part 2. Simply scan for an anomaly at the Inner Shrine Ent. location, and you should see it!

All in the Seasoning Chapter 1's text

That day was the first time I’d ever seen a human child.

I couldn’t explain it well.. How could I know what it was, having never seen one before?

Even so, the moment I laid eyes on her, my heart leapt. “I’ve finally met her!”

“Hey... Hey, you! Are you okay?!

“Mmm hmm...”

The child was obviously in a bad way. I don’t know a thing about humans, but I could tell this one wouldn’t last much longer.

That baseless, yet assured concern made me desperate to look after her.

I warmed her with fire, fed her nectar... By the time the sun was high in the sky, the child finally opened her eyes.

“Ah... Ohhh... What?”

“You’re awake! How do you feel? Does it hurt anywhere?!”

“Huh?! Uh, where...? Who are you?”

“Who, me?”

“It’s strange... I feel like you’re not human?”

“Yeah... Well, I’m not like you, that’s for sure. But don’t be scared! I’m a good girl!”

“Girl...? You’re a girl? Huh, who would’ve thunk a creepy body like that belonged to a lady?”

“Creepy?! Of all the rude things to say! And after I looked after you all this time!”

“Huh? You looked after me? But why?”

“Um, you were on death’s door just a little while ago, you know? Barely breathing, just skin and bones...

Well, the ‘skin and bones’ part hasn’t changed. I mean, are you even eating properly?”

“Eating? I don’t get much to eat, no. And not just me, everyone’s in the same boat.”

“Wha’... None of your people are eating? What’s going on?”

According to her tale, the place she came from is going through an awful harvest.

And not just her village: the same was happening all over that land of “Hinomoto,” so her entire world was going through turmoil.

Even in the royal capital, rice shops were falling into ruin. With nothing to eat, what else could they do?

“So you see, I was offered as a human sacrifice to beg the gods for help.”

“A human sacrifice?!”

“Yes. I would go to the land of the gods, and beg them to bestow a bounty upon us.”

This child’s had it rough, that’s for sure. To think they’d offer up an ankle-biter like this...

“And when I woke up, I was here. So were you, and...huh? Hey, you aren’t a god, are you?”

“Um... What? Me? A god?!”

“Well yeah, you’re the first thing I met after becoming a sacrifice. That must mean you’re a god, huh? Well? Am I right, or am I right?”

“Now, now hold on one second! Let me get a word in here!”

That was the first time I’d ever met a human child, and the first time I’d been treated like a god.