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Magnadramon's field guide entry digimon survive

Quick facts

Magnadramon digimon survive icon
Type Iconvaccine type icon digimon survive
Field Guide IDID095

In-game description

This Mega form of God Beast monsters is considered the heroic king of the sky. Few have seen Magnadramon, and its location is usually unknown.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong againstWeak against
virus type icon digimon surviveWrathful
data type icon digimon surviveHarmonious


fire element icon digimon survivewater element icon digimon survivewind element icon digimon surviveearth element icon digimon survivelight element icon digimon survivedark element icon digimon survive

Magnadramon's passive skill

Solemn Sacred BeastRaises strength of recovery effects two ranks. Prevents all status abnormalities.

Magnadramon's attacks

Physical Light-type attack move icon digimon surviveAttackEffect225
Deals Light damage to target(s).
Special Light-type attack move icon digimon surviveFire TornadoEffect350
Deals Light damage to target(s). Damage dealt to Wrathful types increases one rank.

Magnadramon's encounters

Free Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Free Battle List.

Dam - Underground (Waterway)11Truthful
Forest Area (Inside Shrine)12Harmony, Wrathful
Forest Area (Evening)12Truthful
Forest Area (Inside Shrine)13Truthful

Event Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Event Battle List.

Waterway ForkDam - Underground11Truthful

Mugen Recollection encounters

IconNameMugen RecollectionEnemy count
Magnadramon digimon survive iconMagnadramonMugen Recollection Battle 221

Magnadramon's recruitment answers

Please note that some Digimon, especially Mega level ones, do not necessarily need to have a +2 answer for any given question. Additionally, sometimes several answers net the same amount of favor and will be listed accordingly.

Negative answers will not be displayed.

Can I trust humans...?Get to know us first.
Do you think I’m uptight?[Remain silent.]
Do you think you can do anything by force?That’s my line!
I won’t forgive anyone that disturbs the peace in this area!YOU’RE the bad guy!
If you saw a raging fire heading towards a crying child, what would you do?Depends, really.
What do you believe is “right”?The answer’s in you.
Would you rather fight a weak enemy or a strong enemy?

A weak one’s easier!

Gimme a strong one.

If not recruited, you can request an item of Magnadramon. In that case, Magnadramon hands out the following item(s):

Magnadramon's Free Battle & Shadow Battle drops

Rare Amulet Acorn digimon survive iconRare Amulet AcornTraining ItemGreatly raises SP DEF of the target. These rocks would shatter your teeth. Maybe you can swallow it whole?
Precious Growth Stone digimon survive iconPrecious Growth StoneTraining ItemGreatly boosts target's EXP. What'll a stone this big even do to one of those guys?

Magnadramon's evolutions