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Kyubimon's field guide entry digimon survive

Quick facts

Kyubimon digimon survive icon
Type Icondata type icon digimon survive
Field Guide IDID043

In-game description

A Mysterious Beast monster in the shape of a giant fox with nine tails. Kyubimon is feared as a beast bringing destruction and decay, but in ancient times it was hailed as a bringer of peace.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong againstWeak against
vaccine type icon digimon surviveMoral
virus type icon digimon surviveWrathful


fire element icon digimon survivewater element icon digimon survivewind element icon digimon surviveearth element icon digimon survivelight element icon digimon survivedark element icon digimon survive

Kyubimon's passive skill

Refined SpiritRaises SP ATK one rank.

Kyubimon's attacks

Special Fire-type attack move icon digimon surviveAttackEffect90
Deals Fire damage to target(s).
Special Fire-type attack move icon digimon surviveDragon WheelEffect150
Deals Fire damage to target(s), with a moderate chance of reducing their PHYS DEF and SP DEF two ranks.

Kyubimon's encounters

Shadow Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Shadow Battle List.

Residential RuinsSecond Island Area (Evening)6All
Woods by SchoolSchool Area (Evening)12Truthful
Inner Shrine Ent.Forest Area12Harmony, Wrathful
Woods by ShrineForest Area12Harmony, Wrathful
Woods by SchoolSchool Area13Truthful
Woods by ShrineForest Area13Truthful

Event Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Event Battle List.

Woods by LibraryLibrary Area (Daytime)10Harmony, Moral, Wrathful

Mugen Recollection encounters

IconNameMugen RecollectionEnemy count
Kyubimon digimon survive iconKyubimonMugen Recollection Battle 91
Kyubimon digimon survive iconKyubimonMugen Recollection Battle 131

Kyubimon's recruitment answers

Please note that some Digimon, especially Mega level ones, do not necessarily need to have a +2 answer for any given question. Additionally, sometimes several answers net the same amount of favor and will be listed accordingly.

Negative answers will not be displayed.

How do clouds in the sky look to you?Always transforming.
I’d like to avoid a pointless battle, if possible...Get ready.
If your friend was off causing trouble, how would you deal with it?I’d scold them!
Is wanting quiet time to yourself such a crime?No, but it’s not easy.
Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?They’re so cute!
Sometimes you should act on emotion instead of logic, don’t you think?Be true to yourself.
What would you do if someone told you an idea you believed in was incorrect?Thank that person.

If not recruited, you can request an item of Kyubimon. In that case, Kyubimon hands out the following item(s):

Kyubimon's Free Battle & Shadow Battle drops

All-Purpose Ointment digimon survive iconAll-Purpose OintmentRecovery ItemRestores HP of targets in range. A salve like this should be pretty effective on all kinds of injuries.
Sincerity Melon digimon survive iconSincerity MelonTraining ItemRaises target’s max SP. The fruit in this world looks so tasty. Why don’t I ever feel like eating it?

Kyubimon's evolutions