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Gabumon's field guide entry digimon survive

Quick facts

Gabumon digimon survive icon
Type Icondata type icon digimon survive
Field Guide IDID007

In-game description

Despite being covered in fur, this is a full-fledged Reptile monster. Gabumon is a shy, cowardly creature. It covers itself in the fearsome Garurumon’s fur in order to protect itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong againstWeak against
vaccine type icon digimon surviveMoral
virus type icon digimon surviveWrathful


fire element icon digimon survivewater element icon digimon survivewind element icon digimon surviveearth element icon digimon survivelight element icon digimon survivedark element icon digimon survive

Gabumon's passive skill

Garurumon's PeltRaises PHYS DEF one rank.

Gabumon's attacks

Physical Fire-type attack move icon digimon surviveAttackEffect60
Deals Fire damage to target(s).
Special Fire-type attack move icon digimon surviveBlue BlasterEffect100
Deals Fire damage to target(s), with a low chance of reducing their DEF one rank.

Gabumon's encounters

Shadow Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Shadow Battle List.

Park GatePark Area (Evening)4All
AqueductDam - Underground5All
Factory 1FFactory Area (Daytime / Evening)7All

Mugen Recollection encounters

IconNameMugen RecollectionEnemy count
Gabumon digimon survive iconGabumonMugen Recollection Battle 51
Gabumon digimon survive iconGabumonMugen Recollection Battle 151

Gabumon's recruitment answers

Please note that some Digimon, especially Mega level ones, do not necessarily need to have a +2 answer for any given question. Additionally, sometimes several answers net the same amount of favor and will be listed accordingly.

Negative answers will not be displayed.

I bet you’ve got some secrets, huh? Go on, tell me one! I dare you!I’ve nothing to hide.
Let’s make a deal: Throw the fight and I’ll give you an item!Interesting proposal!
Trying to pick a fight with a peace-lover like me... You humans sure are cruel.I love peace, myself.
What do you think decides what’s right or wrong?Reality itself.
Who do you think is worse? The deceiver, or the deceived?The deceiver, duh!
You may think of those around you as friends, but perhaps you're actually alone?Do you have friends?
You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like myself.Strength’s irrelevant.

If not recruited, you can request an item of Gabumon. In that case, Gabumon hands out the following item(s):

Gabumon's Free Battle & Shadow Battle drops

Ribs digimon survive iconRibsRecovery ItemSlightly restores target’s SP. The meat looks pretty tasty, but somehow I don’t think we can eat it.
Crunchy Clobber Carrot digimon survive iconCrunchy Clobber CarrotTraining ItemGreatly raises target’s SP ATK. Anything could happen with this carrot. Logic could go right out the window.

Gabumon's evolutions