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Dokugumon's field guide entry digimon survive

Quick facts

Dokugumon digimon survive icon
Type Iconvirus type icon digimon survive
Field Guide IDID037

In-game description

A monster shaped like a spider. Dokugumon’s eight-legged mobility is worthy of special mention. Even if someone runs from it at full speed, this monster will be right on their heels, pursuing them until they tire themselves out.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong againstWeak against
data type icon digimon surviveHarmonious
vaccine type icon digimon surviveMoral


fire element icon digimon survivewater element icon digimon survivewind element icon digimon surviveearth element icon digimon survivelight element icon digimon survivedark element icon digimon survive

Dokugumon's passive skill

Poison ResistanceLess likely to get poisoned.

Dokugumon's attacks

Physical Earth-type attack move icon digimon surviveAttackEffect80
Deals Earth damage to target(s).
Special Earth-type attack move icon digimon surviveVenom BlastEffect175
Deals Earth damage to target(s), with a low chance of poisoning them.

Dokugumon's encounters

Free Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Free Battle List.

School Area3All
Mountain Pass Area3All
School Area4All
School Area5All
Forest Area5All
Dam - Underground5All
Dam - Underground6All
Second Island Area (Evening)6All
School Area7All
Forest Area7All
Second Island Area7All
School Area9All
School Area10Harmony, Moral, Wrathful
Library Area (Evening)10Harmony, Moral, Wrathful
School Area11Harmony, Moral, Wrathful
Mountain Pass Area11Harmony, Moral, Wrathful
Second Island Area11Truthful

Shadow Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Shadow Battle List.

Spider Lily ForestForest Area5All
Woods by ShrineForest Area5All
AqueductDam - Underground5All
Riverside ForestDam - Underground5All
Far RuinsSecond Island Area (Evening)6All
Residential RuinsSecond Island Area (Evening)6All
Spider Lily ForestForest Area (Evening)7All
ReceptionLibrary Area (Evening)10Wrathful
Inner Shrine Ent.Forest Area12Harmony, Wrathful
Woods by ShrineForest Area12Harmony, Wrathful
Woods by SchoolSchool Area13Truthful
Woods by ShrineForest Area13Truthful

Event Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Event Battle List.

GymSchool Area1All
Cable CarMountain Pass Area3All
WaterwayDam - Underground7All

Mugen Recollection encounters

IconNameMugen RecollectionEnemy count
Dokugumon digimon survive iconDokugumonMugen Recollection Battle 31
Dokugumon digimon survive iconDokugumonMugen Recollection Battle 121

Dokugumon's recruitment answers

Please note that some Digimon, especially Mega level ones, do not necessarily need to have a +2 answer for any given question. Additionally, sometimes several answers net the same amount of favor and will be listed accordingly.

Negative answers will not be displayed.

*gurgle* (The monster seems to be pleading hungrily.)[Give him candy.]
... (The monster looks away, as if bored.)[Throw something.]
Gawoooo...? (The monster seems perplexed by the sight of a human.)Strut around.
Grraaawr! (The monster thrashes about on the spot.)[Stare coldly at him.]
Grrrrr... (The monster has taken a threatening stance!)[Glare at him.] good!Sorry to bother you. you...okay?Try it, if you dare.

If not recruited, you can request an item of Dokugumon. In that case, Dokugumon hands out the following item(s):

Dokugumon's Free Battle & Shadow Battle drops

Big Bandage digimon survive iconBig BandageRecovery ItemRestores target’s HP. A bandage big enough to cover any wound. Why’d they make one this big?
Boost Bushel digimon survive iconBoost BushelRecovery ItemCures all status abnormalities in area. A bushel of plump, fruitlike seeds. I bet they’re full of nutrients.

Dokugumon's evolutions