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Cyclonemon's field guide entry digimon survive

Quick facts

Cyclonemon digimon survive icon
Type Iconvirus type icon digimon survive
Field Guide IDID046

In-game description

A one-eyed Dragon monster with an abnormally brawny right arm. Cyclonemon is a berserker who thinks of nothing but slaughter. Its special move is Hyper Heat.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong againstWeak against
data type icon digimon surviveHarmonious
vaccine type icon digimon surviveMoral


fire element icon digimon survivewater element icon digimon survivewind element icon digimon surviveearth element icon digimon survivelight element icon digimon survivedark element icon digimon survive

Cyclonemon's passive skill

Soldier for RevengeRaises damage dealt by counters two ranks.

Cyclonemon's attacks

Physical Earth-type attack move icon digimon surviveAttackEffect105
Deals Earth damage to target(s).
Special Fire-type attack move icon digimon surviveHyper HeatEffect200
Deals Fire damage to target(s), with a low chance of reducing their PHYS DEF and SP DEF one rank.

Cyclonemon's encounters

Free Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Free Battle List.

Second Island Area (Evening)6All
Factory Area (Evening)7All
Library Area (Evening)10Harmony, Moral, Wrathful
Mountain Pass Area11Harmony, Moral, Wrathful

Shadow Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Shadow Battle List.

AqueductDam - Underground5All
Riverside ForestDam - Underground5All

Event Battle encounters

You can find more information about these encounters in our Event Battle List.

Valley BridgeMountain Pass Area3All

Mugen Recollection encounters

IconNameMugen RecollectionEnemy count
Cyclonemon digimon survive iconCyclonemonMugen Recollection Battle 31
Cyclonemon digimon survive iconCyclonemonMugen Recollection Battle 61

Cyclonemon's recruitment answers

Please note that some Digimon, especially Mega level ones, do not necessarily need to have a +2 answer for any given question. Additionally, sometimes several answers net the same amount of favor and will be listed accordingly.

Negative answers will not be displayed.

Do you like the moon? The sight of a full moon is so heartwarming, don’t you think?Reminds you of you?
Inferior creature, surrender and you may yet live!Like I’d believe that!
It’s hard to believe there are monsters out there that coexist with humans...We needs servants!
Some things in this world cannot be overturned... Do you know of what I speak?You mean power?
Supreme beings can't be understood by others. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely or anything!I get it. Me too.
Those whose positions waver from little more than words do not amount to much.I respect your spirit!
What would you say is your favorite expression?Survival of fittest.

If not recruited, you can request an item of Cyclonemon. In that case, Cyclonemon hands out the following item(s):

Cyclonemon's Free Battle & Shadow Battle drops

Choice Ribs digimon survive iconChoice RibsRecovery ItemRestores target’s SP. Just looking at it makes your mouth water...but it’s inedible.
Giant Mushroom digimon survive iconGiant MushroomTraining ItemRaises target’s max HP. Is that a mushroom? Or a crystal? Either way, I guess their stomachs can take it.

Cyclonemon's evolutions