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Digimon Survive battle encounter overview

event battle arukenimon digimon survive

Event Battle List

As the name suggests, event battles are encounters triggered through specific interactions or plain boss battles you have to face throughout your journey. Sadly, participating Kemonogami can not be recruited, yet offer exclusive, and often rare, item drops as compensation! Explore all available event battles and their spoils by browsing our extensive Event Battle section!

free battle encounter selection digimon survive

Free Battle List

Free Battles are the easiest way to power up your team as they are available in every area you travel through on your journey to rescue the Other World and your own! They do not offer a wide range of differing Kemonogami as the Shadow Battles do, yet some exciting monsters can be found here, too!

mugen recollection encounter selection digimon survive

Mugen Recollection Battle List

After beating the game and starting a NewGame+ playthrough, you will notice a place called "Mugen Recollection" popping up near the School Area. It's a spacetime rift; a place to challenge yourself and earn awesome rewards. And you know what? We've listed all the encounters for your convenience!

shadow battle encounter digimon survive

Shadow Battle List

Shadow Battles are hidden by nature, and you must go out of your way to find them. Depending on the area and location, they offer a wide selection of exciting monsters, such as Gabumon and Renamon, to name two quite rare encounters, and should not be neglected! Therefore, we have an extensive list of available Shadow Battle encounters for you to browse through!