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digimon survive box art
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
GenreAdventure, Tactical RPG, Survival, Visual Novel
Release Date28 July, 2022 (Japan)
29 July, 2022 (Worldwide)
digimon survive garudamon vs. gigadramon combat


While conversations primarily progress the story, combat encounters often result from these interactions or pose a chance for you to recruit a new Kemonogami (Digimon) for your team. Additionally, you will also utilize them to train your partners. Therefore, we compiled a neat overview of all battle encounters available in-game!

digimon survive's character overview


The characters are at the heart of this game, and oh boy, is the cast a good one! In the beginning, you will fall in love with some characters and despise others, but in the end, you will realize that each of them had their unique struggles, and learning about them is sooo worth it!

digimon survive's monster section overview


To help you fill out your Field Guide's monster section, we created a searchable overview containing all 117 Digimon or Kemonogami. In addition, it has detailed subpages listing information about their evolutions, item drops, spawn locations, and more!

digimon survive's inventory overview


Every good RPG needs a wide selection of helpful items aiding the player's progress, and Digimon Survive is no exception! Therefore, we created an overview of all available items in-game, with detailed subpages listing their drop and scan locations, among other things.

digimon survive's perceived memory overview

Perceived Memories

Throughout the Other World, you will be able to find several memory fragments telling stories of children who were transferred into this world before you. They are often sad but damn worthy of being read! Additionally, collecting each story in its entirety will reward you with a powerful skill-equipment item!