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Avalon Server

Quick Facts

NameAvalon Server
Zone DigiLab

Digimon found in Avalon Server

Impmon field guide iconImpmonRookieDarkVirus174108 ¥
ToyAgumon field guide iconToyAgumonRookieNeutralVaccine174108 ¥
Falcomon field guide iconFalcomonRookieWindVaccine174108 ¥
Renamon field guide iconRenamonRookiePlantData174108 ¥
GaoGamon field guide iconGaoGamonChampionWindData548352 ¥
Kabuterimon field guide iconKabuterimonChampionPlantVaccine548352 ¥
Gargomon field guide iconGargomonChampionElectricVaccine548352 ¥
Gekomon field guide iconGekomonChampionWaterVirus276216 ¥
GoldNumemon field guide iconGoldNumemonChampionLightVirus3083152 ¥
Starmon field guide iconStarmonChampionNeutralData548352 ¥
Stingmon field guide iconStingmonChampionPlantFree548352 ¥
Gatomon field guide iconGatomonChampionLightVaccine548352 ¥
Waspmon field guide iconWaspmonChampionElectricVirus548352 ¥
SuperStarmon field guide iconSuperStarmonUltimateLightData580544 ¥
Panjyamon field guide iconPanjyamonUltimateWaterVaccine580544 ¥
Lillymon field guide iconLillymonUltimatePlantData580544 ¥