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cliffside with original cast and gennai in digimon super rumble

New Digimon MMO called Digimon Super Rumble

Published 2 weeks ago by Raextor

Digimon is on the "ReArise!" Beginning in 2020 and following up in 2021, we have gotten a lot of Digimon content, products, and shows. The card game is a hit; fans love the 2020 Adventure anime; Digimon Survive seems to be shaping up to be released this year - and now a rumor about a Digimon MMO.

digimon survive promotional artwork without logo
Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive's release timeframe found!

Published 1 month ago by Raextor

As I do every few days, I was looking for Digimon Survive information once again today, and for a change, I found some! About two days ago, Toei Animations released their financial report for the last fiscal year, in which they shared their company growth, sales, brand reach, and much more with their investors. In addition, they also released their roadmap for the coming year in this document - and among them, Digimon Survive's planned release date!

japanese website screenshot miu shinonome syakomon digimon survive
Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive - new High Quality images and expanded character biographies for Miu Shinonome and Syakomon

Published 1 year ago by Raextor

A few days have passed since I last posted a couple Digimon Survive updates and here we are again getting the next batch of information. This time they come directly from the games main website that can be accessed here. Sadly, the whole website is mostly image based and in Japanese so we are going to have some trouble translating the information. But do not fret as Google Image Translate got us (somewhat) covered!