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About the project

The Grindosaur project is solely devoted to connect and empower gamers on a global scale. To achieve this, we are continually working hours on end to improve this site further while adding new content for you to enjoy. Said content is currently limited to news articles and game guides but will vary in the future with the support of game databases and tools utilizing the data we will introduce to our system.

We are far from achieving this goal anytime soon. Still, constant effort on our part and the implementation of new and exciting elements to our site will create a truly unique experience for you to explore. If you want to know a tad bit more about what you can expect from us, check out our vision page. In the meantime, we cannot make any promises on when said content will arrive. Just stay put and check back regularly to see what has changed.

The Grindosaur Team

Luca Sammann (Raextor) – Site Director / Lead Dev

Luca Sammann (Raextor)
  • First game: Tetris, followed by Pokémon Yellow
  • Favorite game genre: MMORPGs
  • Favorite role: Tank
  • Known for: Striving to reach insane goals, a growth mentality, and unbreakable optimism
  • Quick fix: Coffee

Always eager to push beyond his limits, Raextor loves a good challenge and continuously tries to improve and hone his skillset. If not busy reading up on personal finance or writing and fixing code, he usually indulges in his greatest passion – namely gaming, where he focuses on collectibles and achievements.

He was growing dissatisfied with offered services online. On the constant hunt for specific information, he set out to build a custom solution to his perceived problems in media coverage.