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The Grindosaur team and company are eagerly awaiting the release of New World, a sandbox MMO created by Amazon Game Studios. Sadly, the release has been delayed again. We assume it will release during the first half of 2021.

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Think pink - A reimagination (April Fools)

Published 2 weeks ago by Raextor

As technologies and design philosophies continue to evolve, so should the projects created with them. And what better time to make announcements to change than right before a birthday. Grindosaur is about to turn two years old, and with it will come a realignment of the brand. 2021 sneak peek

What was up in 2020, and what is next for 2021?

Published 1 month ago by Raextor

Oh boy, initially, I had scheduled this post for early January, and look at the date now. As of writing this, it is March 14th. We are already three months into the year, and only now can I take the time to write down a couple of passages. 2020 has been a heck of a year for pretty well-known reasons, and 2021 seems to follow in its footsteps. But we are gamers, and you are browsing Grindosaur - so enough with this real-life nonsense; let us focus on what went on behind the scenes and what I have in store for you in the upcoming year! By the way, I am kidding; We have to talk about personal matters here and real-life in general. I am healthy, and I hope that you are too. Let's go!

japanese website screenshot miu shinonome syakomon digimon survive
Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive - new High Quality images and expanded character biographies for Miu Shinonome and Syakomon

Published 11 months ago by Raextor

A few days have passed since I last posted a couple Digimon Survive updates and here we are again getting the next batch of information. This time they come directly from the games main website that can be accessed here. Sadly, the whole website is mostly image based and in Japanese so we are going to have some trouble translating the information. But do not fret as Google Image Translate got us (somewhat) covered!